Monday, April 27, 2009

Cherrybrook Kitchen Photo Contest

Our latest photo contest winner is Jennifer from Merced, CA. Here's her cute picture:

Luke's 1st Birthday!

Jennifer's Story:
In Late September we found out that our 2nd child Lucas is allergic to Egg, Wheat, Milk and Peanuts. My first thought was "what is he going to eat?" What do you feed a kid with such a restricted diet? Surley there is nothing with any flavor. I began to think of things he could not eat instead of what he could eat. I thought about his upcoming birthday, he wouldn't even get to enjoy cake on his own birthday!! Thats where you come in Cherrybrook Kitchen. You and your wonderful gluten free chocolate cake mix and vanilla frosting. Luke had his cake and ate it too! I just want to say you are not only putting out a safe product for people with food allergies. You are helping Families to make happy memories.

Thank you for your story Jennifer. We are honored that Luke enjoyed Cherrybrook Kitchen cake at his first birthday party! If you have a special story and picture to share, please visit our website for details on how to share it with us.

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