Thursday, May 14, 2009

You're Invited to a Twitter Party on Friday

In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Month, some of our friends are hosting a Twitter party this Friday, May 15. Hosted by Food Allergy Buzz and Best Allergy Sites, the party will take place at 12 Noon EST and at 10:30 PM EST. To follow or participate in either party time, visit or another Twitter real-time dashboard of your choosing and type in #foodallergy. This will take you to the party where you will see the streaming conversation.

They are giving away some great prizes (including Cherrybrook Kitchen goodies!). It will be a good time to get answers to your questions from food allergy experts and a chance to network with other people about food allergies. And, it will be just plain cool to tell your friends that you went to a Twitter Party!

1 comment:

Jennifer B said...

Thanks for mentioning the Twitter Party and thank you also for the amazing prize donation from Cherrybrook Kitchen. We all had a great time at the Food Allergy Twitter Party and it even trended #9 during the mid-day time slot! We've gotten such great feedback, we're planning to hold another Food Allergy Twitter Party soon. :)